First Born: The Preevitt Chronicles

About the Book

Small town, big secrets

Ruth Daniels is a fifteen-year-old orphan in Michigan. All her life, she has only known of the four corners of the orphanage, until a widowed businessman decides to adopt her one fateful day. She moves to New Jersey and meet the rest of her new family: a teenage brother, a snobby sister, and two twins.

At school, she becomes friends with Rachel Evans, a senior, and Justin Reynolds, a lonesome sophomore. She didn’t particularly like Justin, but was drawn to him in an explicable way. As Ruth and Justin become increasingly close, Rachel begins to attack them constantly. Justin knows that he’s the target and that Ruth was just caught in the crossfires. Justin is a Preevitt, a human-animal hybrid, and Rachel is a hunter.

How will Ruth navigate this new life of hers now that the supernatural was right on her heels? Ready to sink your teeth in Ross Butler’s First Born.

About the Author

Ross Butler has been writing stories since he was a teenager. First Born is his first published novel. He is an avid reader of fiction, most notably the works of Eoin Colfer, Rick Riordan, Cassandra Clare, and James Patterson. Aside from being a fan of books, he is also a movie buff. He is honing his craft in screenwriting and film producing, and he keeps a movie review blog. Rant about It is his YouTube channel where he does stand-up comedy and impressions. He currently resides in Lafayette, Indiana.

Readers' Reactions

First Born: The Preevitt Chronicles


I just had surgery and I’m sneaking aboard a plane? I’m a damn crazy girl, that is for sure.

“Sorry, I haven’t cleaned this place since 1969,” he said,” but you’ll forgive the mess eventually.”
If there is an eventually, I thought sadly.

She put my new shoes in a bag, handed me the bag, and said, “Have a nice day!”
Have a nice day? Puh-lease! I’m going to a funeral!

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